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Monthly Support Meetings Discontinued

I regret to announce that as of January 2011, SWDA will no longer be holding regular monthly meetings. After three decades in existence, our support group has experienced a drastic decrease in the number of volunteers to run it. I would like to express my immense gratitude to all of the volunteers who have dedicated countless hours of time and effort over the years to provide support and encouragement to the our community. The difference our volunteers have made in people's lives is tremendous, and will never be forgotten!

This is not the end for the SWDA. Support will be continued to be offered via this web site and the Meetup group shown below. Articles will continue to be posted, the Meetup message board will allow discussion among those who wish to use it, and if members periodically want to volunteer to host a meeting in a coffee shop or other venue, I encourage them to contact me via e-mail and let me know so I can post it.

Thanks so much again for being a part of our support group. I wish you all happiness, health, and a good night's sleep.

Federal Government Introduces Grants for Registered Disability Savings Plans

The Canadian federal government has created an RDSP Registered Disability Savings Plan, with grants for people who open them. These plans and grants will not affect Ontario Disability pensions. For more information on how to apply, see

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